Name: Evgeniy Annenkov
Sex: Male
Born: 1973
Residence: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Phone: 050-3635472

Education: Higher Technical
1990-1995. Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Transport Engineers (DIIT)
Faculty «Managing transportation processes», specialty «Specialist transport organization and management on transport» with honor diploma.
1995-1998. Postgraduate school DIIT

Work experience:
January 2005-now:
teacher «Computer Academy Step» (administration of a computer system), Cisco Networking Academy Instructor.

August 2003 — December 2003.
Analyst of firm Myagkov for the South and South-Eastern region of Ukraine.

September 2000 — June 2003.
System Administrator OAO Dneprotyazhbummash:
end-user support, system administration and related software development. Framework: DOS, Windows, TCP/IP, browsers and other Internet client software; setting up, configuration, maintenance and administration of Linux, setting up and configuring of various Internet server software (Bind, Apache, Sendmail, Exim, Squid, MySQL, Interbase, SSH, FTP). Installation, configuration and testing of system and application software, support of server systems, database systems, client-bank, support and maintenance of accounting software, third-party anti-virus software;
access to the network Internet; firewall, email management design and construction of local network, security and data protection;
maintenance and support of users, management of procurement of computer, network equipment (the conclusion and approval of contracts of service, routine maintenance, upgrade);

1996 — now:
teacher in the Dnepropetrovsk National University of Transport Engineers.

Key skills:
Cisco: CCNA (2009), CCNP (2010);

Linux: Certified Linux Administrator (Novell CLA) SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (050-720)
knowledge and experience with Linux (debian, ubuntu, slackware, redhat, suse) platform;

Microsoft: Microsoft® Certified Systems Administrator on Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 (MCSA)

knowledge of Windows-platforms, foundations Active Directory, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop;

Novell: Data Center Technical Specialist;

VPN, remote administration, data protection and information security, iptables;
experience in writing scripts in bash, Perl, PHP (interactive, batch/periodic and Web-based);
experience in writing soft for drawing in AutoCAD format;

knowledge of the Intel hardware platform, a big experience in assembling and setting up PC, RAID arrays, design, installation and troubleshooting data communication systems;

have the knowledge and experience in the field of corporate computer and information technologies and work in the global network Internet (a stack of TCP/IP, HTML, FTP, SMTP, mail servers and clients, routing, experience with the equipment Cisco);

Pascal, C and basics (Borland C; C Builder), foundations SQL.

Past self-education:
Computer hobbyist since 1988. Focal, machine code, Assembler (for KP580, i8080, i8086 CPUs). Worked with a 8- and 16-bit computing systems. Had interest low-level hardware programming, computer graphics, multiprogramming and process scheduling, digital signal synthesis and processing.

Mathematical background and scientific approach. Extensive knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. Interested in creating automation scripts to factor out repetitive tasks.

Additional Information:
Marital Status: Married (have daughter);
Foreign Language: English in the volume candidate minimum;
driving license category B;
PADI open water diver;
Graduated children’s art school.